ALL THE TEA From Atlanta Housewives Reunion; DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!!!

This year’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s reunion show was filmed in Jersey City, NJ at the Westin Hotel, and MTO News can confirm that wasn’t the only thing different about this reunion.

The theme for the show was Dungeonesque. The set was covered in dark colors – red, grey, and black. And all the ladies were dressed in mostly black. 

Bravo and producers from Truly Original chose New Jersey due to financial considerations. In the future, RHOA reunions will likely be taped in the NYC area.

Here’s what each lady brought to the reunion show, courtesy of the popular blogger Tamara Tattles:



Porsha repeated several times that she is “a grown ass woman who can do as she pleases.” Basically stating if she fucked BOLO it’s between the two of them. (She totally did). She came for Kenya on why she is hell bent on keeping a feud going. Marlo was a big target for her despite Marlo supposedly being a “niece.” She told Marlo that she needs to worry about her own sexcapades. She said that Marlo needs to let the peach holders carry the show because she’s doing “double the work for half the pay.” Porsha was the best dressed by far.


Kenya lashed out on Porsha, Drew, and Latoya as expected. She told Drew that no one wanted her to join the group and she did her a favor by even acknowledging her this season. WOW. It seems she thinks that Drew would be getting fired if Kenya hadn’t provided her with someone to spar with. She regrets doing that because as we know here at Tamara Tattles Drew is coming back. She accuses Latoya of making shit up to get camera time. Because, OBVIOUSLY. She was specifically asked when will she or Marc file for divorce to end their train wreck marriage and it was a complete non-answer. 


Latoya used to call Kenya with plot lines against Drew and Porsha. When Kenya didn’t take the bait she switched over to Porsha, Drew, Marlo and Shamea and tried to do the same. Both sides blew her off so she just looks like a snake. It seems that is why she was after Falynn. That and jealousy in general. Latoya said “I’m just a friend of the show” to Drew during their argument. Of course, she had a lot of scenes cut. The original plan was for her to be sixth housewife.


Drew fought for and secured her peach. Drew came for Kenya asking why she always comes for the new girl on the show. She gave an update on her and husband’s marriage counseling. Drew gave Latoya the business about everything from her past Youtube videos calling black women monkeys with big lips. She confronted her about tweeting about her husband. Drew mentioned claims of Latoya shoplifting and trying to fuck a pastor. She also did a good job on defense, as opposed to Latoya, Drew didn’t really start any arguments she just did a good job at finishing them. Most notable moment for Drew was her telling Kenya to “make sure you get a refund” in reference to her “marriage” to Marc Daly. I don’t know about y’all but I would have placed this as NUMBER ONE

Kandi, Marlo, Shamea & Cynthia were all there, and pretty boring.

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