Alexis Skyy Puts Her Baby Daddy On Blast!!

Alexis Skyy called out her baby daddy on Instagram Stories.

She says she wants a “man” in her life.

“I pray God puts the right ‘MAN’ in my life & for a GOOD MAN to be a father figure to my daughter I been so calm and quiet but enough is enough you can’t force a man to love a child better yet his child,” she wrote.

At first, Brandon Medford did not know he was the father. A DNA test later proved that he was.

“There is a lot I blame myself for and I can own up to that but my daughter is pure and innocent she doesn’t deserve looking out the window asking daddy come get me. Daddy call me back & daddy is on IG flexing to the world like he is just this man of GOD living the right way when your not missed her birthday [sic].. never calls when we tell her she’s in hospital seen other kids what are you embarrassed of her she didn’t ask to go through the pain she went through. GOD will remove it all from you. Your kids come first,” she continued.

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