Alex Jones’s Wife Arrested For Allegedly Hitting Him More Than 20 Times!!

Info Wars website Alex Jones’ wife Erika Wulff Jones has been arrested for allegedly hitting him more than 20 times.

Police responded to a 911 phone call with police where he told the operator that his wife was “holding a polished club in her hand” and trying to “hit him with it.”

He said she struck “several times.” An officer said his hair as “red” and “wet.” Jones later told police that “Erika had hit him with both closed fists and open hands on his head in front of their child,” the affidavit stated.

She allegedly “over 20 times,” including once over the head with a bottle, “possibly shampoo,” causing the contents to get on his face and “cause burning to his eyes,” the report continued per Daily Beast. “[Jones] stated he tried to get away from her in the master bedroom, and she followed him with a stone ball trying to strike him.”

After her arrest, he told the Associated Press: “It’s a private family matter that happened on Christmas Eve. I love my wife and care about her, and it appears to be some kind of medication imbalance.”

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