Alec Baldwin Sued For $25M By Family Of US Marine Killed In Afghanistan!!

Alec Baldwin has been sued by the family of a US Marine who was killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan over the summer for $25 million dollars.

The family says the actor accused them on Instagram of being insurrectionists after finding out that the late marine’s sister was in the Capitol Hill Riots.

Relatives of Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum called his remarks “false, outrageous, defamatory, irresponsible, vindictive, and caused — and continue to cause — Plaintiffs severe emotional distress.” 

Baldwin donated $5,000 to McCollums’s widow and her newborn daughter “as a tribute to a fallen soldier.’

On Instagram, he wrote:

“Are you the same woman that I sent the $ to for your sister’s husband who was killed during the Afghanistan exit?” on Roice McCollum’s Instagram post. They allege that Baldwin then privately messaged her and accused her of being an “insurrectionist” and told her to “own it.”

“When I sent the $ for your late brother, out of real respect for his service to this country, I didn’t know you were a January 6th rioter,” Baldwin allegedly wrote.


She replied: “Protesting is perfectly legal in the country and I’ve already had my sit down with the FBI. Thanks, have a nice day!”

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