AL B SURE Suggests That Kim Porter MAY HAVE BEEN MURDERED!! (Details)

Kim Porter — the longtime girlfriend of Sean “Diddy” Combs and the mother of three of his children — died in her sleep from mysterious “lung infection” in 2019. 

But her death left many of her fans and followers wondering how it was possible for a young and healthy woman to suddenly die from pneumonia.

Now Kim’s baby’s father, 1980s R&B singer Al B Sure is suggesting that her death may not have been due to illness or accidental, MTO News has learned.

On Nov. 15th 2019, the 47-year-old actress and model was found unresponsive in her bed and investigators’ official “determination”  was that her death was not the result of foul play.

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“It was later determined Porter died from lobar pneumonia,” according to a statement by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner. “The manner of death was certified as natural.”

But Al B Sure has been leaving subtle hints on social media, for months now, suggesting that Kim may have been killed.

Yesterday, he all but called for a fresh investigation into her death. According to Al B Sure, Kim was “running” from someone or something prior to her death.

MTO News confirmed that Al also claims that he told Kim – when she was alive – that she needed to get involved with the FBI.

People immediately flooded Al B Sure’s comments with suggestions about “who” Kim may have been running from, and who may have been responsible for her death. Shortly afterwards, Al B Sure changed the language on his Instagram post – removing the part about the FBI.

Here’s the post that brought about the explosive revelation:

And here’s the original text:

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