Akon Will Not Press Charges Against Car Thieves!!

Last week, Akon’s car was stolen after he left it running at a gas station. After reporting it stolen, police tracked down the thieves.

But Akon does not want to press charges.

TSR spoke with a “source” close to Akon, who said he hopes the thieves learn a lesson from the experience. “That was him before he was blessed with this success so he understands the struggle,” the source said.

“He doesn’t plan to press charges so he hopes they take that as a second chance to focus on a more positive approach to getting out the hood and make use of the time they have out of jail to better their lives.” 


Audio of the 911 call leaked last week.

They’ve been on their way for a whole hour,” Akon says.

“And you said you were carjacked?” the dispatcher asks. “At gunpoint?”

He says he had been carjacked but not at gunpoint.

“I was literally getting gas and they just jumped in the car…,” he says. “That’s not a carjacking,” the dispatcher responds. “That’s not a carjacking.

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