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Akbar V To Danileigh: You Are Not Black!!

Akbar V made time out of her busy schedule to drag singer Danileigh -- letting her know that she is not Black, despite sleeping with Black men.

"Also @DaniLeigh i want to tell you baby you are not black no matter how many black wigs u let them put on you baby just be yourself damn and keep making vibe songs for us matter how many black penis u f*ck u are not black ok thank u ms yellow world," she wrote alongside a yellow hear emoji.

She continued: "the way y'all let folks play with our culture is sickening. God please forgive me for judging this girl but i had to tell her what was on my mind."

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 6.52.44 AM

Danileigh then responded, telling Abkar to continue making music she'll "never hear --" and the ladies went back and forth for hours on Twitter. Akbar called her a "big bird bitch," and later added:

"First y'all steal our men, steal our wigs, steal our swag before you no it y'all done stole our culture @DaniLeigh now i ask u again do we have a problem ms. Yellowbone cause bitch ain't nobody listening to u baby u would never be herr, kehlani, Ella mae or even close."

Is she wrong?