Aggressive ‘Karen’ Shot And Killed In Road Rage Incident; Gunman Claims SELF DEFENSE!!

A man who shot and killed a woman, that social media describes as an “aggressive Karen”, is free for now. He claims self defense for the killing, MTO News has learned.

Orange City, Florida police say that the “Karen” who worked as a librarian was fatally shot Saturday after she pointed a handgun at a man whose motorcycle she had hit earlier. The man then pulled his own gun and shot her.

The police identified the woman as Sara-Nicole Morales, 35. A press release from Volusia County identified Morales as an employee of the county’s library system. 

The motorcyclist was identified as Andrew Derr, 40, also of Orange City. He has not been charged, and police said he has been cooperating with the investigation from the beginning.

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According to police, the two got into a road rage incident, and Karen allegedly pulled a gun on Andrew, who pulled his own gun and shot her dead.

A 9-1-1 recording of the incident indicates Morales pulled a gun on Derr on the street in front of her Orange City home. 

“You are three men who followed me, you were screaming at me,” Morales can be heard shouting. 

Before Morales could finish talking, eight gunshots can be heard in the recording. 

“She tried to pull a gun on me,” a man can be heard saying. 

A witness then told the 9-1-1 dispatcher, “The lady is shot. The dude on the bike shot her. He shot her in self-defense.” 

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