Afrika Bambaataa Loses His First Round In Child S*x Abuse Case

After lawsuits were filed against Afrika Bambaataa for sexual assault, court servers have not been able to track him down to serve him with the papers.

According to AllHipHop, the John Doe in this instance claimed Bambaataa molested him for four years in the early 1990s. He said he was just 12 at the time. According to the victim, “Bambaataa repeatedly sexually abused” him and took him to locations where he was also abused by other men.”

When court servers turned up at his last known address in the Bronx, a woman answered and told them that she’d never heard of him.


“A woman answered the door (brown skin-head scarf-58+-5’5-125lbs) said she lived at this address for 15 years and never heard of Lance Taylor -Afrika Bambaataa or the Zulu Nation,” process server Calvin Nelson said. Bambaataa has not responded to the lawsuit.

The outlet reports that the John Doe has since been given the court’s permission to proceed anonymously with the civil suit.

He is seeking an undetermined amount of damages for “assault and gross negligence, physical injury, severe and permanent emotional distress, mental anguish, depression, and embarrassment.” The John Doe’s request was granted by Judge Deborah A. Kaplan.

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