Adult Film Star Jenna Jameson Loses Ability To Walk

Jenna Jameson has lost the ability to walk and has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

The CDC says the syndrome is a “rare, autoimmune disorder in which a person’s own immune system damages the nerves, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis.” 

Her partner, Lior Bitton, posted on Instagram that she was in the hospital and that she had been throwing up for two weeks before going to the hospital last week.

The hospital sent her home.

“Then she came back home and she couldn’t carry herself,” Bitton said. “Her muscles in her legs were very weak. So she wasn’t able to walk to the bathroom. She was falling on the way back or to the bathroom, I would have to pick her up and carry her to bed. And then within two days, it got really not so good, her legs started to not hold her, she wasn’t able to walk.”

He later added, “She’s doing physical therapy to try and stand on her legs, but at the moment she cannot stand on her legs. They’re starting the treatment so they’ll see how it goes. So keep praying.”

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