Adam Schefter Apologizes For Disrespectful Dwayne Haskins Tweet

Adam Schefter has apologized for a disrespectful tweet he posted about the death of NFL star Dwayne Haskins.

“Dwayne Haskins, a standout at Ohio State before struggling to catch on with Washington and Pittsburgh in the NFL, died this morning when he got hit by a car in South Florida, per his agent Cedric Saunders. Haskins would have turned 25 years old on May 3.”

Schefter was dragged for the disrespectful tweet and deleted it, writing a more respectful version.

He also issued an apology.

“It was insensitive,” Schefter said. “It was a mistake. And I can assure you it is not my intention. I wish I could have that tweet back. The focus should have been on Dwayne — who he was as a person, a husband, a friend, and so much more. I wanted to apologize to Dwayne’s family, his friends, the players in the National Football League and offer my condolences to everybody close to Dwayne. And in the way I failed Saturday, I wanted to turn people’s attention to make sure that Dwayne is remembered properly.”

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