Actress Leslie Jones Claims She Can’t Find A Date Because ‘Men Are Broken’!!

Actress Leslie Jones is claiming that she hasn’t found a boyfriend because “men are broken,” MTO News has learned.

Leslie is the breakout star of the new Coming To America 2 movie on Amazon Prime – and so she’s getting a ton of attention.

Yesterday the talented comedic actress appeared on on The Wendy Williams Show, and Leslie explained that her dating life was not in the place she’d like it to be. She told Wendy Williams that her romantic life was “as good as one on the corns of her feet.”

“Whew chile,” Jones began when Williams wanted to know about the status of her love life these days. “You might as well be asking about my corns. My corns are doing better than the men in my life.”


“The men are broken,” she told Williams exasperatedly. Then, speaking to all the eligible bachelors out there — and suggesting they get some therapy so that they can be better romantic partners, Jones continued, “You know y’all always talk about how women are crazy — y’all need to go talk to somebody too. Okay? We not all crazy, y’all just broken.”

Leslie then explained how dating apps haven’t worked for her.

“What happened was,” she hilariously told the talk show host, “You know — I’m Leslie Jones. So they were like ‘Why’s Leslie Jones on a dating app? It must be a fake account.’ So they thought it was a fake account — somebody probably reported me as a fake account,” she emphasized. Concerning how she got the problem resolved with the app, the comedienne shared, “I went back on Twitter and was like ‘Umm, excuse me Hinge — it’s me. Why can’t I find no love Hinge? No love Hinge?!’”

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