Actor: Martin Lawrence BEAT ME UP; And Gave Me ‘Cuncussion’!! (Video)

Martin Lawrence is being accused of beating up an actor, while the two were filming a scene for Martin’s wildly popular 1990s hit show Martin, MTO News has learned.

And the actor who claims he was assaulted has video evidence proving that Martin really whooped him. The footage was actually aired on television, and seen by millions, MTO News has confirmed.

According to the actor Chris Williams, he played a small role on an episode of Martin in the 1990s. In the episode, he played a burglar – who was beat up by Martin’s character “Otis The Security Guard.”

According to Chris, Martin really beat him up during the set, and nearly gave him a concussion. Chris claims that Marin really punched him in the head multiple times, and he also jumped and landed on his head.

MTO News managed to get a snippet of the alleged assault – as it aired on television in the 1990s.


Here’s his story:

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