Actor Gbenga Akinnagbe Accuses Journalist Of Sexual Assault!!

The Wire actor Gbenga Akkinagbe of HBO’s has accused journalist Lola Adesioye of sexual assault.

The actor says the assaults happened on two separate occasions and has even filed charges against Lola Adesioye, who was arrested for “forcible touching, sexual abuse, and harassment,” reports the New York Post.

Adesioye’s attorney Robert Gottlieb has denied the allegations. He says any contact was consensual.

“In that first binder are hundreds of text messages back and forth from one another that make it very clear that you have two young people flirting with one another,” Gottlieb told The Post. “They were talking about snuggling. … They talk about kissing.”

The journalist also reportedly moved into a Brooklyn apartment owned by Akinnagbe and worked on his behalf. This all during the time the actor says he was the victim of sexual assault.

A hearing for the criminal case has been pushed back until next month.

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