Actor Donald Glover Appears To ‘COME OUT’ As Bisexual . . . ‘I Sort Of Feel Like I’m GAY’!!

There have been whispers for years, about whether or not actor Donald Glover is a member of the LGBTQ gang. Well after a recent interview, it definitely seems like the answer is YES!!

MTO News learned that in a new interview with Interview magazine Donald interviews himself and gives insight into his own deepest thoughts.

And at one point during the interview, Donald discussed him sexuality – which seems pretty complicated to him.

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While the actor didn’t come out and say that he’s gay or bisexual, all of his answers intimated that he has at the very least, seriously contemplated entering into a same-sex relationship.

Here’s the part of the article that has people talking:

Donald explained to the interviewer that for a time he “felt” like he was gay. He told them, “Most of my college years were me being like, ‘I don’t know what I like.— 

He didn’t know what he liked? Hmmm . . . There’s more:

“I had friends who asked, Are you gay.’ And I’d be like, ‘I sort of feel like I am because I love this community.'” 

Boy if you don’t … No wonder he stars in a show named Atlanta . . . 

And then there’s this part:

Eventually Donald chose to be in a relationship with a woman, his “life partner” Michelle White. The two share a son named Legend, 4, a second son, Drake, 3, and they just had a third son. 

Oh, so it’s a choice for him, huh.

What do you think about his answers?

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