Ace Hood: I Do Pay Child Support!!

Ace Hood is calling out his baby mama for claiming that he does not pay child support.

He says she is keeping their kids from him.

“Today, I do not have my kids. And the reason I do not have my children today is because the mother of my children wants her story to be right. Which means her story in her mind is that I am not a good father, my children don’t want to spend time with me,” he said. “I don’t support the kids. Also, I’m never there for the children, so that’s her story in her mind and she wants to tear me down also as a person.”

He says Shanice Tyria just wants the money.

“All this is because of money. All of her actions and all of this is because of money. It’s because she sees me furthering myself–in my life, in my career, doing other things. Yes I pay child support, yes we have court-ordered agreements. And none of that matters to her, man. None of that matters. She would rather destroy the relationship that I have with my children to prove herself right–to prove her story right. And that’s saddening.”

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