Aaron Carter To Fight Soulja Boy: Meet Me In That Ring!!

Aaron Carter has responded to Soulja Boy and he wants the rapper to step into the ring and fight.

“Who am I? Seventy-five million records later that’s who I am,” Aaron says, responding to Soulja Boy’s rant. “I know you be pulling numbers too, though, but everywhere I walk there’s millions. What’s good? I seen you boxing and training and doing all that sh*t. Talk all that talk, it’s OK. Meet me in that ring, you know what will happen there, right?.”

Aaron lost to Lamar Odom but he thinks he can beat Soulja. The pop singer was responding to Soulja’s rant below.

“Aaron Carter, whoever the f*ck you is?,” said Soulja. “I just seen some sh*t on Shade Room talking ’bout you wanna box. Boy, I’ll beat the candy out your pockets. Ain’t you the n*gga that had the songs like ‘I want candy.’ I’ll beat the candy out your pockets, n*gga. What the f*ck is you talking about? F*ck Aaron Carter. Who the f*ck is Aaron Carter? Aaron Carter, you is a b*tch. I’ll beat the tattoos off your face, white boy.”

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