Aaron Carter Back w/ Fiancee After One Week Split

Aaron Carter is back with his girlfriend less than a week after the pair announced their breakup on social media.

“@aaroncarter my fiancé I love you so much happy early birthday in 4 hours,” Melanie Martin wrote on Instagram.

Aaron also posted a picture of their son: “Our baby boy prince Lyric Carter Loves Christmas oldies just like his daddy @missmelaniemartin I love you for giving me the greatest gift.”

He added, “You are an amazing woman l, my everything I am so grateful for you my darling. #fatherhood #NewParents thank you to everyone who has been supportive. Relationships aren’t easy but we love, cherish and adore our son. #GodBless Xo”

They have both set their IG accounts to private.

Aaron previously blamed their breakup on his sister.

“My sister communicating w my ex fiancé ruined everything considering she knew what angel tried to do to me in court,” he tweeted at the time. “She knew my boundaries and especially not to speak to a certain half of my family that tried to depict me as a crazy psychotic human being and a pedophile.”

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