’90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem Says She Won’t Be Having Husband Michael’s Baby

In the second part of the shocking 90 Day Fiance Tell All, Angela Deem finally said she will not be trying to have a baby with her husband.

Angela is 55 and Michael is 32.

In Nigeria, it is important in Michael’s culture that he has a child. But after Michael’s aunt Lydia called Angela out on some of her ways on the reunion, she says she won’t try to get pregnant anymore.

“You know, I feel bad. I apologize to Lydia for doing that,” Angela told Michael’s aunt. “But you go too far, man. So, I apologize for being vulgar, for how I acted, but not what I said. I meant that. Stay out of my business. No woman — including aunts, uncles, moms — is gonna tell my husband what to do. That simple.”

She then says, “He wants a baby? Go get, like — do what your Aunt Lydia says. Go marry somebody and have some children,” she continued. “Knock your f*cking self out. But don’t call me when you realize the grass ain’t green on the other side.”

“Michael, I am very upset with you, more than Aunt Lydia,” she adds. “You should have told Aunt Lydia to respect me and you hushed me. You never do that with Aunt Lydia.”


She then tells Michael that she doesn’t want a divorce but that she will do whatever she wants to do outside of the marriage.

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