’90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem Flashes Boobs On Tell-All Show

90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem shocked viewers when she went on an explosive rant against her husband, Michael Ilesanmi on the tell-all show.

Angela became upset after it was revealed that she partied the night away with her African-born plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng. Michael found out his wife went to a birthday party hosted by Dr. Michael Obeng. Angela then began to feel unwell and Obeng left his own party to give her a ride back to her room. 

Michael was upset.

Other cast members and Michael’s aunt told Angela that she should have told him about it. Angela then flew into a rage. She was cursing Michael out and his aunt before flashing her breasts directly to the camera.


“I’ve never seen someone be so nosy as his aunt here. I’ve given nothing but respect. … You want him? You want him? Tell him. Michael. Let’s do it. Right on national f*cking TV. That your aunt wants us to get a divorce. Because listen to what she’s saying. Listen to what she’s saying. What man listens to their aunt? Don’t you dare keep disrespecting me,” she said.

Michael, you grow a pair of balls and stand up for me and tell her to stay out of our business, or you can f*cking go and I’ll go ride again with Dr. Obeng, b*tch.”

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