’90 Day Fiance’ Pedro Jimeno Exposed For Fake Storyline

’90 Day Fiance’ Pedro Jimeno has been caught in a fake storyline.

According to, they found a photo of Pedro smiling alongside his half brothers, his sister Nicole Jimeno Morel, and wife, Chantel.

In a recent episode, Predo is trying to find his father and then meets with his father’s other two sons, Pedro Jr. and Jonathan. But an old pic shows Pedro with one of his brothers.

“And truth is he was an exemplary father in that sense,” one of the brother’s told Pedro “At home he was very strict. But he was always there, like, real responsible with work and so on. I know that’s a painful thing for you too, for one that longs to have a father. I mean, it’s hard, I understand. But yeah, that’s the dad we got.”

“So for me, it was very shocking when we found out,” he added.

Click here to see the pics.

We all know that reality television isn’t always the reality. Should Pedro have lied?

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