90 Day Fiancé LIZ Explains Why She Dumped ‘No Neck’ Big ED!!


The current season of 90 Day Fiance follows the relationship of Big Ed and his new girlfriend Tiffany. MTO News has confirmed that the couple has – since the end of filming – split up.

Big Ed’s relationship with Liz from 90 Day: The Single Life is over, and now Ed’s former flame is spilling details about their dysfunctional dynamic. No one is surprised by the split. Fans didn’t seem to like the two of them together and now are celebrating the couple’s breakup. 

However, Liz has been making troubling comments that indicate Ed was the problem in their relationship. Liz has is now opening up and BLASTING her ex on social media.

Liz and Big Ed began dating on The Single Life after Ed pressured her for a date, and later, a relationship. 


Although she was resistant at first, Liz finally came around and agreed to be Ed’s girlfriend. They made an odd couple  especially given that Liz was younger than Ed’s daughter Tiffany. The couple’s relationship finally ended when Liz “abandoned” Ed in Las Vegas and flew home alone. 

However, according to Liz, there’s more to the story.

Here’s what she says happened:

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