7 Foot Tall Basketball Player Turns Trans . . . Seen Fighting ‘Tricks’ On Miami Streets!! (Sad Vid)

Zach Brown is a 7 foot tall former college basketball star. He played at Wichita State, and many believed that he’d eventually become an NBA player, after entering the draft in 2017.

Well that’s not quite what happened.

Since then, Zach has come out as a transgender. His new name is Jessica Turberry and he’s had about a half dozen arrests for petty thefts.

Well Zach/Jessica is back in the news again. A new viral video showed her pulling up on a man, whom social media has labeled “a trick.” In the video, The 7 foot tall brolic basketball star beats up the man, and said “b*tch stop playing with me.”

The incident happened in Miami. MTO News has forwarded the video to the local police.

After knocking her rival to the ground, the giant trans-person picked up her bike, and slammed it on the man beneath her.

The video quickly went viral, and people are calling for the police to step in – and possibly arrest Zach/Jessica. 

Here’s the video that has people talking:


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