600Breezy Thinks FBG Duck’s Alleged Killers Are Innocent

600Breezy says he thinks the men arrested for the killing of FBG Duck are innocent.

“Personally, we like this, you know, O’ Block and 600. I feel like they’re innocent. I feel like the police got to make an example out of people because of where it happened in Chicago. It’s like him getting killed in Times Square in New York. I feel like time was ticking, and they were thinking, ‘we gotta do something,'” he told VladTV.

In October five men were charged with the killing.

Charles Liggins, also known as “C Murda,” Kenneth Roberson, also known as “Kenny” and “Kenny Mac,” Tacarlos Offerd, also known as “Los,” Christopher Thomas, also known as “C Thang,” and Marcus Smart, also known as “Muwop,” are charged with murder in aid of racketeering and federal firearm violations and assaults in aid of racketeering.

They were all allegedly members of the O-Block gang.

 “They just did whatever they did because they would’ve been locked them n*ggas up. That sh*t was over a year ago,” he continued. “It wouldn’t have taken that long to figure out if they got whatever they claim they got. That wouldn’t have took them that long. I feel like they just smacking them on the wrist and trying to make it seem like ‘yeah we’re trying to help stop the violence or help solve this case,’ but I feel like them boys innocent man.”


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