50 Cent Trolls Teairra Mari: She Better Give Me My Money!!

50 Cent still wants his coins from Teairra Mari even though she says she’s never going to pay him.

“Remember this, Smh she better give me my money. before it start to feel like she went to college and her student loans catching up with her,” he wrote.

50 Cent tried to claim $25,000 in interest from Teairra Mari, who already owed him $30,000 in 2019.

The rapper filed a motion for sanctions against Teairra, claiming that she was playing legal games and trolling him online instead of coughing up the cash, according to court papers. He also accused Teairra of possibly hiding her money and assets – including $100,000 from her last season on “Love & Hip Hop” – so she wouldn’t have to pay him.

But a judge took Teairra’s side. Teairra claimed on social media that the rapper was paid, he would have to take care of his own legal fees and that she would not be paying him interest.


Mari reportedly still owes 50 Cent a sum north of $37,000. She owes the original judgement of $30,000, an additional $2,59780 for interest accrued (and counting) and a $4,492 sanction for not providing evidence to the court and opposing counsel about her finances. 

To make matters worse, Mari’s lawyer has asked to be removed from the case. When it rains, it pours…

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