50 Cent To Young Buck: Just Be Gay!!

50 Cent is still trying to get Young Buck to come out of the closet, and is telling the rapper to just “be gay.”

50 shared a clip of blogger Tasha K claiming that Buck is currently shacked up a transgender girlfriend. Tasha K says the girlfriend is formerly the brother of his manager. Now the manager’s sister. Tasha also claimed that Young Buck’s ex-girlfriend said she was tired of Buck beating her because she has caught him with different trans women and gay men. And if that’s not enough for you, one of the transgender women also claims to have been with Buck, says she is HIV+.


50 says it’s time for him to be honest:

 “SMH why he didn’t just say he was gay. There is nothing wrong with it Buck. But you can’t be putting your hands on no women because she keep catching you,” he wrote after reposting the video clip.

Last June, during Pride Month, 50 Cent clowned Buck for allegedly being gay.

“Hey is 2020 gay pride parade cancelled?” he wrote. “Asking for a friend, young Buck. LOL.”

Months ago, Buck claimed that he and 50 Cent’s beef was all to make money and that they would both be going on live together to reveal it was all fake.

The livestream never happened.

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