50 Cent To Jeezy: Anything To Try & Sell A Record!!


Jeezy released his new track “Therapy for My Soul,” where he takes jabs at both 50 Cent and Freddie Gibbs.

“Grown man playin’ on Instagram, real sucka sh*t/Why the f*ck this clown n*gga playin’ with my legacy?/Solid in these streets, that’s some sh*t that you will never be/Talking ’bout power, but weak n*ggas do the most/In real life, n*gga you really borrow money from Ghost,” Jeezy raps.

“All that lil’ boy sh*t, yeah it make it evident/Made millions in these streets, what the f*ck is 50 Cent?/And it’s still Free Meech, love him if he right or wrong/But the streets wanna know, do we really get along/If you askin’ me, n*gga, that’s one thousand percent.”

50 responded but did not waste too much time addressing Jeezy: 

” Anything to try and sell a record ‍♂️i guess? I’m not available this week, FOR LIFE is coming on at 10pm tonight. i’m busy LOL #yourshitistrash” he captioned a post on Instagram.

Is 50 Cent right?

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