50 Cent Announces ‘Murder Was The Case’ Series

50 Cent has announced his upcoming series, Murder Was The Case, about Snoop Dogg’s murder case.

This is going to be Bigger than OJ, I mean @snoopdogg Bigger than Tropicana. I believe This will break all viewership records at STARZ GLG GreenLightGang BOOM thought i was ” he captioned the post.

Snoop Dogg and his former bodyguard McKinley Lee Jr. faced first-degree murder charges over the 1993 murder of a rival gang member.

“We heard some commotion downstairs and I’m thinking ‘I know Snoop didn’t go outside without me,'” Lee said in an interview earlier this year. “So I heard some drama. Immediately I grab my gun and I’m getting downstairs because I heard some drama. But as I’m going down the stairs, Snoop is behind me. I stop at the end of the stairs and I see a guy leaning out of a car — he can’t see me — and he’s just barking back and forth with one of the guys.”


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