4 Yr Old Boy Who ‘Twerk’ Dances On TikTok Goes VIRAL – Twitter REACTS!!


There’s a new social media star – a 4 year old boy who makes incredible dance videos. The boy is famous for his dancing ability, in particular the way he twerks, and MTO News has learned that some people are becoming outraged.

In one video, the 4 year old dancer copies some of Ciara’s moves as he dances to her hit song “Level Up.” And the pre-schooler really can move.

The video went viral, and was shared – or liked – by many celebrities, including popular hip hop star Lil Nas X.

Here’s the video:

The video shows the little boy moving as if he’s a trained dancer and it’s clear the young man has talent. And not surprisingly he’s got a growing fan base.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about the video. Many feel that the dance moves the boy does – are inappropriate for his age and gender.

MTO News learned that many on social media are criticizing the parents, for allowing the boy to do moves that are traditionally done by adult women. 

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