26 Yr Old IG Model: ‘I’m Having A Hysterectomy So Kids Won’t Mess Up Modeling Career’

A 26 year old Instagram model is making news, claiming that she plans on having a hysterectomy, to prolong her modeling career. MTO News learned that the model doesn’t want an unwanted pregnancy to “ruin” her career and taking steps to prevent it.

Renee Gracie an IG and Onlyfans model originally from, Australia, has never felt maternal or had an urge to have kids. The model is so determined to avoid childbirth that she is considering a hysterectomy to avoid an accidental pregnancy. 

In a recent interview with Jam Press, Renee told the interviewer, “I’ve known I didn’t want children since I was young,”. “When I was little, around seven or eight, I thought other children my age were crazy and wild. “I would look at parents yelling at their kids and think to myself ‘I never want to have that.’ 

“I think people make the decision to have kids way too lightly and that’s why a lot of people are unhappy in their relationships and life. “I’d much rather have lots of pets running around.”

Renee has over 13.9 million followers on OnlyFans, as well as 17,000 on Instagram (@therenee_gracie), and through her followers she has made a small fortune – which she plans on investing wisely, so she can retire young and enjoy the cash. 

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And Renee has an unorthodox plan to avoid pregnancy. The 26-year-old is looking into potentially getting a hysterectomy. She said: “When I was about 17, I was having lots of health issues. “I was in so much pain and discomfort from my ovaries and uterus, and had to get lots of scans and MRIs as doctors thought there was something wrong with them. “I knew then that I never wanted kids and so I asked the doctor what I have to do to get everything removed. “He basically laughed at me, which was incredibly insulting.” 

After this conversation with her doctor, Renee began to look into the process herself to find out her options. She said: “I’ve spoken to other doctors and asked about it but they’ve all told me that I’m too young and unless it’s a severe issue to my health, I can’t get one. “I think it’s crazy that in this day and age women don’t get a choice. “I understand it is permanent but I think there should be a better process for those who want it.

 “Men can get vasectomies, after all. “My goals have never involved getting married or having kids. “I’ve never dreamt about my wedding day and I’ve never once envisioned having children or being a mum. 

She said: “It pi**es me off that it’s not widely accepted for women to choose not to have children. “People definitely assume that being a female I will wake up one day and want them. “When most people find out I don’t want any, they generally think I’m going to change my mind when I get older or I’ll accidentally get pregnant and have to have a kid. “I won’t. I’m certain and I wish people would respect that.” Interestingly, Renee’s current boyfriend, who prefers to stay anonymous, would like children one day. She added: “He’s always wanted to be a dad but I think I’ve shown him my side and opened up his eyes to life without children. “Kids are a huge sacrifice and it’s not one I plan on making. “I believe I can have a happier, more successful life without them.”

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