24-Year-Old NBA Player Josh Jackson Has A 43-Year-Old LATINA Baby Mama!

Detroit Pistons player Josh Jackson reportedly has a 43-year-old baby mama, according to social media reports seen by MTO News. 

Josh’s alleged baby mama has been identified as Lorena Villela, and the two supposedly shares a 3-year-old daughter with Josh named Romina Joshlyn Jackson.

Josh is currently 24 years old, and he’s signed to a four-year, $6,629,892 contract that includes a $2,516,740 signing bonus. 

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It appears they met while Josh was playing with the Suns, because Lorena’s bio says the Suns are her favorite team. MTO News was not able to confirm whether the two are together on if they are ust co-parenting, but either way, everything seems to be cordial.

Many people have gotten on Brittany Renner for having a baby with PJ Washington, and that was just a 6-year age difference while this is 19 years. If their daughter is three, that means Jackson was 21, and she was 40 when they had the baby.

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