22 Yr Old Leaves Touching Post On IG . . . Then Commits Suicide At Gun Range!!


A 22 year old man named Tyrique Fisher is believed to have committed suicide at a gun range in upstate New York, MTO News has learned. Before though what appears to have been a suicide, the man left behind a touching IG post behind, that has now gone viral.

While MTO News has not been able to independently confirm Tyrique’s death, his mother confirmed his passing on GoFundMe. The family is hoping to raise money which they claim they will use to bury him.

His mother wrote, “In our single parent home [Tyrique] has had to accept that we didn’t have a lot of money, accept sharing a small space with other siblings and endure everything that his mother did. He did so with a smile. His smile was not real. He felt every pain of life that we went through but he was being strong for his family. He was 22 and in college. “

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Here’s Rob’s final post on IG. He wrote:

If you’re reading this it means i’m no longer here. I understand the shock you may feel & i am so sorry. Yes, maybe i am selfish but i’ve been broken for a long time. I tried “thugging” out my struggles for years but I am not as strong as I thought. Battle after battle is not the life i envisioned. I have finally come to peace with my decision. I know i will hurt many people, and again I am truly sorry for that. Please don’t cry about me being gone. Instead, laugh and celebrate the memories we did share together. This is not a day to be sad, be happy you got to experience parts of my life. I will cherish every memory with all of you. I love you all❤️

To my amazing friends Devin, Dre, Rodney, Willie, Korey, Corry, Tre, Celina, Paulie, Nia, Leah, Livvy, Noelle, Annabel, Lyssa & many more, to my siblings-Matt, Dougie, Tonya, Josh, Cuz eric, Unc jr, cuz Katrina, Cuz q, Grandma, My Parents and Many more!

I am so sorry you have to find out this way, you guys have been so good to me throughout my life . I love you guys so much, i wish i could see all of you guys one last time. Please take comfort in knowing that i’m no longer in pain and that i can finally rest in peace. I love you all❤️

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