21 Savage’s Manager Says Drake Has Never Charged For A Feature


21 Savage’s manager says that Drake has never charged the rapper for a feature.

 “N*ggas ain’t paying each other for verses,” Meezy said on Clubhouse, adding that he did not know how much Drake charges for a feature.  

“I think where he’s at, he’s just choosing who he f*cks with. I know anything we’ve ever done with him, there’s never been money involved, ever.”


And it’s not only Drake.

“A lot of the artists, they are low-key peers. So shit just be happening naturally. A n*gga might be in the studio, somebody ask, ‘Ay, can you do this song?’ And it happens, because n*ggas f*ck with each other, so you ain’t gonna talk about money.”

“Most of the time, when you bring up Drake or Nudy…if Nudy got a song, ain’t nobody even thinking about no paperwork if Savage get on something. Or if Savage send Nudy something, ain’t nobody thinking about paperwork. We know that’s going to get handled whatever,” he continued. “It’s relationship-based, a lot of times it’s like that.”

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