20 Yr Old College Student Creates GoFundMe To Get Breast Reduction! (Pics)

A Law student has launched a fundraiser to help pay for a breast reduction after being mocked at school for her large cup size, MTO News has learned.

Aminata Daboh, a British student with 32HH breasts, set up a Go Fund Me page in mid-November and has so far raised £1,309.

“A lot of you know that I was, unfortunately ‘blessed’ with big breasts and whilst it can be admirable from other people it has actually caused me a lot of emotional distress and physical pain throughout my teenage years and now as I go on to become an adult.”

Aminata told her friends and followers from a young age, her breasts grew rapidly, leaving her with a cup size of 32JJ at the age of just 15.

She describes feeling insecure about her body, needing to wear baggy clothes because any item of clothing, like a simple T-shirt, looks too revealing.


She says that this became worse as she got older: “Also as I grew older and as my cup size grew I was often sexualized and objectified by a lot of people which did make me feel very ashamed of the way I looked in comparison to my peers”, she says.

She describes how, along with the physical pain they cause, there is a mental impact too: “They also invite a lot of unwanted attention from people, which makes me feel really anxious and unsafe a lot of the time.”

So far over 50 people have donated on her fundraising page so far.

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