20 New York City Rappers Arrested in MASSIVE INDICTMENT . . . Police Crack Down On RAP!!

Twenty of the most prominent up and coming drill rappers from the Bronx, NYC were arrested yesterday in a massive sting operation, MTO News has learned.

Police say that the drill rappers were actually ruthless gang members, including four adolescents, who caused a reign of terror on communities in the Bronx where residents were shot, stabbed, and sodomized over the course of more than three years..

According to prosecutors, the suspects were alleged members of the G-Side/Drilly gang, a subset of Bloods Sex Money Murder responsible for dozens of acts of violence mainly in the Bronx between September 20, 2018 and March 15, 2022.

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The shootings and stabbings left six people wounded.

The defendants are all prominent in the drill rap scene according to prosecutors, and they allegedly boasted about the acts of violence in music videos that were posted on YouTube and Instagram live. 

Often the videos would challenge rivals and directly lead to violent acts soon after, Clark said.

“It was senseless violence,” Clark said. “It was beefs and slights and disrespects that all drove some of these incidents. We’re doing all that we can to deal with and battle the guns scourge that is happening here in the Bronx. But more must be done to deviate these young people from the life of gangs and senseless violence. We do need to do more.”

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