2 Chainz Says He Was Arrested More Times As A Rapper Than When He Was Trappin’

2 Chainz says he has been arrested more times since he’s been rapping than back in the day when he was trappin.’

“I actually got arrested more times being a rapper than when I was trapping and doing everything else,” he said. “I got locked up in the airport. I had a four-finger ring in LaGuardia they charged me with brass knuckles. Locked me up. I got caught in L.A., back when I was on the lean bad, they went in my bag, found lean, took me off the plane.”

The Atlanta rapper says he thinks the cops were targeting him at one point.

He continued, “I got f*cked up in Oklahoma for, they say it was a hostage situation, something. I don’t know what they try. Standoff. They told the tour bus while we us on it, disconnected the generator. You know early on I just felt like maybe I was a target or something, but you know.”

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