16 Yr Old Bronx Rapper SHOOTS NYC Police Officer – 5th Cop Shot In 2022!!

A 16 year old rapper from the Bronx named C Blu is being accused of shooting a New York City police officer, MTO News has learned.

The teenage rapper – who recently received a six figure advance from his record label is currently sitting in jail, and MTO News has learned that he’s expected to remain there for some time.

Here’s a picture of the young man, in the hospital with a gunshot wound, who appeared to be crying:


C Blu is a close associate with fellow rapper K Flock, who is currently in prison and charged with murder, MTO News has learned.

Camrin Williams, known as C Blu in the Bronx drill rap scene, has multiple hit songs on YouTube, some with more than 1 million views.

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According to police, C Blu was part of a “disorderly crowd” of people outside a building on Lorillard Place near Third Ave. After refusing orders from police to take his hands out of his pockets, the young musician allegedly began to fight with an officer. During the tussle he fired one round through his own leg before the same bullet grazed Officer Kaseem Pennant in the leg,

C Blu pleaded not guilty to criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree assault and other weapons charges. His attorney, Dawn Florio, said cops had piled on C Blu for no reason. During the tussle a gun went off — but the rapper didn’t pull the trigger, she said.

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