16-Yr-Old Accuses Ian Connor Of Threatening Him

Stylist Ian Connor has been accused by a former 16-year-old employee of threatening him with violence.

“On March 1st this year, Ian Connor asked me to join his Sicko creative team “Full Time” after I sent him some work,” the accuser writes on social media. “I was super excited (despite all the negativity surrounding him) as I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some real connections in fashion and help get my name out there. I understand it was not a good choice, but keep in mind I’m 16 years old and this was the first real chance I had in fashion. Period.”

But things didn’t work out.

He said the Yeezy model started ghosting him and when he tried reaching out to him for almost a month — he was threatened.

“He threatened me, a 16 year old. Ian Connor is a 28 year old. A grown ass man. Threatening a 16 year old,” he says, sharing screenshots.

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