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Zonnique has come under fire from fans for allegedly promoting a 'cyber scam' on her Instagram page.

Zonnique uploaded a video to her Instagram page over the weekend, in which she encouraged her fans to take part in a competition where they could win a MacBook Air or $1200, an iPhone, Beats By Dre headphones, a $250 gift card or some Fenty makeup.

"go to @social_league, click on the accounts they are following, and FOLLOW EVERYONE they are following. all of them made this giveaway possible! this is your entry and we do check 🙂" she wrote on her page.

"🌟For extra entries, see the video post on @social_league page! They also post all of their winners on their page in case your skeptical," the singer added.

But her fans seem to think that the competition is a total scam. Her followers were quick to let Zonnique know:

"‼️no one ever wins. They just get followers"

"It's fake y'all. These are connected just lkke the pages Erica Mena and Dreamdoll advertised that turned out to be fake and they deactivated the pages that your told to follow and they start to DM you trying to get you to setup a WhatsApp to make a donation to something they say is their charity but it's not. Don't be fooled!"

"This company is a means to cyber identity theft. They steal your contacts and try to tamper with your credentials"

"😂 saw this post, read instructions, went followed all 39 people. Comes back and read comments, *this a scam, they lying, nobody never wins*, goes back and unfollows all 39 people"

"This isn't legit stop promoting it"

We have no idea whether the competition is legit or not. If any of y'all win - let us know!