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ZELL SWAG From Love And Hip Hop Is Dating A Woman . . . Well Kinda . . . She's TRANSGENDER!!


Zell Swag from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was about as gay as can be - but he's now dating a "woman." His new girlfriend is a little different, thought. You see Zell's GF is a transgender named Savanna.

Savanna and Zell have beeb dating, according to reports, for months. The couple - who are both from Los Angeles, have been spotted all over town.

Zell even went on social media to show off his new bae. According to Zell, his new girl is "prettier than any of the girls on Love & HipHop."

Here she is:


You may remember, Zell was FIRED from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. . . According to reports:

Sources say that Zell was not offered a contract for the upcoming season, after his brawl with cast mate Misster Ray (real name Myles Cunningham) during the reunion.

In an interview, Zell said, "I think the Ray situation played a part in not being on this season. I can say I made the mistake and it caused me to lose my job."

"I can honestly say I am a bit upset because they have added some new people to this season who are dear to my heart and I cant be apart of that magic so it’s definitely bittersweet but I’m moving on."