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Thanksgiving is upon us, and we wanted to do a lil' something special for Thanksgiving, so here at Media Take Out - we'd like to pay homage to some of your secret Zaddy crushes... you know, the ones you won't ever claim publicly for a variety of reasons.

When most of y'all name your famous crushes - it's usually the standard - Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Chadwick Boseman, Morris Chesnut.. the usuals.

But here is a slightly less standard list that we defy you to deny.


Chris Brown.

An obvious one. C. Breezy is cute. He's tall. He can out-dance pretty much every other entertainer in the field right now, and he can sang! Unfortunately, he was involved in a domestic violence incident a few years back with his then-girlfriend, Rihanna - and the Navy has not forgiven him since.

That was a decade ago and even Rihanna has made her peace with him.

Domestic violence is never ok. And then there as the cringey stalking of his ex, Karreuche Tran. But we gotta give Chris some credits for growth. He seems to have chilled out when it comes to his somewhat rogue treatment of the ladies. And when it comes to parenthood, he cannot really be faulted. 

If it weren't for his past actions - would the 2019 version of Breezy not make your Zaddy list too?



Yes. Future. And yes, we know. He has about a zillion baby mamas and is currently being dragged through the courts by at least two of his baby mamas over not paying them child support. 

But...Future is always well dressed and his long locs are always well-groomed. He would keep you decked out in Balenciagas, take you on fly trips to the Caribbean, and will claim you publicly even if he has other women on the go. 

It's not all great - he did cheat on Ciara, then shaded her new husband earlier this year. He's very materialistic and may or may not have prevented plus-sized gals from entering a club during an appearance - but take all of that away... is Future, not fine? Is he not a Zaddy?


Joe Budden.

Stop it. Y'all know Joe Budden is Zaddy. Some of y'all just can't claim him publicly because the feminist squad will screenshot your tweets and then share it on their Instagram page along with a lengthy caption about how trash and misogynistic he is.

If Love & Hip Hop is anything to go by, Joe may not be quite the catch. And he can be incredibly condescending when he's having a conversation - much like a student-teacher type of interaction. We still haven't forgiven him for breaking Cyn Santana's heart, or for Tahiry's for that matter. 

But Joe is good-looking, he has a few coins in the bank and just going off some of the comments he makes on his podcast - he may be wild in the sack! Y'all secretly know y'all would... 


Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise has always been a Hollywood pinup. In the '80s, he was one of the hottest actors about, and time has been kind to him. He's still making action movies, and as far as drama goes... there is not a lot that follows him. But the Scientology thing is weird. It's not just that he is a Scientologist... it seems that Cruise may well be one of the highest-ranking Scientologists there is. And it creeps us all out a little that we don't know exactly what it is that he does for the organization. That's enough for most to keep their secret Cruise crushes under wraps - but you should also know that he is worth over $500 million... 

Dame Dash.

We don't get why so many folks give Dame such a hard time. Yes, he's opinionated. He says what he feels and thinks and always gets hell for it, but as far as looks go - we're certain Dame is moistening more than a few panties out there. His fashion game is on point. He has his own television studio and art gallery. He also invests in Black talent.

Say what y'all want, but Jay-Z may not be the man he is today if it weren't for having Dame on his team. If y'all can just get past his bristly personality (which we actually like) - does Dame does not deserve Zaddy status too?



Not too much to say about B.O.B. Everybody knows he is fine... but who is claiming him after his infamous "the world is flat" statements. Despite his devilishly handsome looks, B.O.B. is that dude you secretly date and only tell that one homegirl you spill all of your tea to - simply because you don't want your friends thinking you're dating a himbo.



There's only a couple of reasons some may be hesitant to claim T.I. right now. #hymengate is definitely one of them, and perhaps the fact that we all know that he cheated on his wife once or twice - but T.I. is a hot one for sure.

From his impeccable fashion sense to his extensive vocabulary, your parents would love it if you brought a man as well put together as T.I. home.

He deserves to be on the Zaddy list!