Yvonne Orji is deeply in love, and on Boxing Day, she posted another tribute to her boyfriend with this super cute post.

When she first starred on HBO's hit series, Insecure, Orji admitted to fans that she was still a virgin. But 2018 brought Orji a good man and she's happy to show him off any chance she can!

Orji's bae is former NFL linebacker and current ESPN commentator, Emmanuel Acho, 27. They made their romance Instagram official in earlier this year in May.

“It’s day by day and it’s by grace. I’m a virgin and I’m playing this girl on TV who’s like sexually free. And there are days that I would go home from set and I’d just be like, ‘I want somebody to come over.’ And it’s like no, go to bed.

“I would also ask myself, ‘What you want him to come over for? What y’all ‘gon do?!'” she told Fuse TV back in 2017.