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YUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!! Man Finds A FINGER In His Pizza . . . He BIT DOWN On the Pizza . . . And Noticed A FINGERNAIL IN HIS MOUTH!!! (Warning - Graphic PICS)!


A young man from a little north of Brisbane, Australia, got the SURPRISE OF HIS LIFE yesterday when he ordered a pizza.

The young man, who has asked to remain anonymous, discovered a HUMAN FINGER in his pizza. And we're 100% certain it was a human finger - because the fingernail was still attached.

After finding the finger, the victim went back to the pizzeria who AGREED that it was a human finger. They contacted their MEAT SUPPLIER to find out exactly what happened.

Oh and in case you're wondering, he found the finger in his MOUTH, after he's already taken a bite from the pizza.

See the pics below:

My friend found a finger in his pizza