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Yung Miami told her fame fans to "sell their p*ssy" for $1,000.

The City Girls is one of the hottest female rap groups today, and Yung Miami is one of the hottest rappers in the world. She has millions of teenage girl fans, and a controversial message that she's selling. Yung Miami's  has a message to her fans is "sell your p***y for $1,000." 

Yes, that's really her message. And she says it in public - often.

Yung Mimai recently performed in front of a sold out crowd in Atlanta. And the rapper made some remarkable statements to the girls in the audience.

Yung Miami told the girls, "Ain't no P***Y free." The crowd roared in response to Yung Miami uttering those words.

But the Miami rapper wasn't finished. She also told fans, "Ain't no a** free. Ain't nothing free. Ain't no mouth free."

Then a male fan yelled out that all he has was $20.

 To that Yung Miami replied, "$20 is gas money. P***y starts at $1,000."


Just yesterday we reported that Yung Miami told fans on social media that her music "promotes prostitution." In many of their songs, the female rappers aggressively rap about women getting money from men in exchange for s*x.And many people have criticized the Miami rapper's music as promoting prostitution.

Well, Yung Miami addressed the criticism yesterday, not by fighting it - but by embracing that their music DOES promote prostitution.