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"Act Up" may be one of the City Girls' biggest hits, but Yung Miami revealed that she hated the song the first time she heard it.

Lil Yachty recently revealed that he penned the hit single for the rap duo.

"I hated 'Act Up,'" she told Variety. "When me and JT made [Girl Code], that was the song I hated. Now that's one of our biggest songs."

She also opened up about what it's like to work with her producer and baby daddy, Southside. 

"One time, I tried to get into the studio. He was so hard on me! He was like, 'Say this part again, do this part!' I just was like 'You know what? I can't do it,'" she said. "If I want to go in the studio, he'll give me whatever I want — but I'd just rather not work with him because he'll go hard on me. I think that's what I need, but it's just like, 'Send me the beat, I'll do my part and get it back to you.'"