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There have been rumors swirling that Yung Miami is pregnant, and now there are photos that appear to confirm the rumors. Last night, female superstar Yung Miami performed in a Cleveland nightclub - and she appeared to be sporting a noticeable baby bump.

Here's her rapping last night at the Medusa Restaurant and Lounge in Downtown Cleveland. You can see she clearly has a belly bulge in the pics:

And MTO News spoke with multiple people at the event. Yung Miami did not drink or smoke - and she had extra security to keep people away from her.

Yung Miami, whose real name is Caresha, recently broke up with her boyfriend, super-producer Southside to date rapper Kodak Black.

And rumors are swirling that Caresha is carrying Kodak's baby. 

So far Yung Miami has not commented on her pregnancy, or who her babys father is.

Hopefully because of her new alleged pregnancy, Yung Miami will finally start drinking water. 

Earlier this month, while seemingly talking about her unorthodox health and beauty regimen (the conversation started with her saying she uses the same rag to wash her body as she does for her face and her skin is still clear), she said she consumes soda and juice, but gives a hard pass to water.

“I don’t drink water,” she said. “It ain’t no muthaf–king water in my fridge. It’s some water down there, but this what I drink.”

She went on to turn the camera to show people what’s in her refrigerator, pointing first to a bottle of Simply Tropical juice.

“I drink this, this is my juice,” she continued. “I drink soda. I drink these little smoothies or whatever the f–k this is. I don’t drink water.”