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Yung Miami is trending today, after bragging that her new boyfriend abuses women. Yung Miami has been known to make controversial statements in the past.

The female rapper is half of the popular female rap group The City Girls, and she's one of the most popular young hip-hop artists in the game.

Yesterday she posted pics of her new boyfriend on Instagram. And according to Yung Miami, her new boyfriend likes to "beat b*tch*s."

Yung Miami has been outspoken about dating only "thugs." In a recent interview, Yung Miami whose real name is Caresha said, "I like hood n*ggas and dope boys. I like bad boys, that's what turns me on. I had a man that was [legitimate], he treated me right and everything, but he wasn't hood enough. I like that hood love. Thug passion."


Her new boyfriend is definitely got "thug passion." He's affiliated with the Bloods gang, and is covered in tattoos (including his face).

When one of Caresha's fans said that her man looks like he "beats b*tch*s" Caresha responded, "He do."

It's not clear whether Caresha was joking or not, but the comments underneath Caresha's suggest that fans believed Yung Miami was telling the truth.