Female rapper Yung Miami of the City Girls told fans on social media that her music "promotes prostitution."

Yung Miami and her partner JT for the City Girls, the most popular female rap group since Salt N Pepa. The City Girls make good music. But in many of their songs, the female rappers aggressively rap about women getting money from men in exchange for s*x. And many people have criticized the Miami rapper's music as promoting prostitution.

Well, Yung Miami addressed the criticism yesterday, not by fighting it - but by embracing that their music DOES promote prostitution.

One of Yung Miami's former fans reached out to her via social media, and told the artist that her music "promotes prostitution."

Yung Miami didn't deny the claim. 

Instead, the rapper made fun of the fan—calling her a "red lobster free p*ssy h*e." Yung Miami's clear implication is that woman should not have s*x with a man, without receiving money in return. 

A "red lobster free p*ssy h*e" is a woman who goes on a date with a man to Red Lobster, has a good time, and then has sex with him afterwards for free. 

Yung Miami believes, by implication, that a woman deserves more than just a red lobster meal and good conversation, in exchange for her body.