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Yung Miami of the female rap group City Girls got a makeover. And her people are saying thats he's no longer "ghetto" anymore. The City Girls have been getting a TON of press, ever since they were featured on Drake's hit song In My Feelings (Keke).

Now the people behind the City Girls are trying to adjust the girls image - sort of like how Cardi B did it. JT is currently in federal prison for scamming. But Yung Miami is out, and she just received a full makeover.

Check out the way she looks. Yung Miami is the one on the left above. Her new look is nothing short of amazing. She looks like she could be a fashion model now.


“Everyone that knows me for real knows I’m a real outgoing, fun, free spirit,” Caresha Brownlee, the 24-year-old rapper known as Yung Miami said in an interview with Fader. 

“I don’t think about ‘What will happen if I do this?’ I just do it,” she said.

It’s uncommonly accurate to call City Girls overnight successes: “Fuck Dat Nigga,” the first City Girls song ever, was released in August 2017. Soon, the track, which features a prominent sample of fellow Florida rapper Khia's "My Neck My Back," racked up hundreds of thousands of plays. By December, the group had signed to Quality Control, the Atlanta label and home to rap royalty like Migos and Cardi B. Their debut album Period was released in May, and everything changed for the girls again in June, when Drake released his album Scorpioncontaining the No. 1 hit “In My Feelings,” featuring vocals from the girls. No matter the currency – charisma, hip-hop clout, or actual finance – City Girls have it in spades.