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Yung Miami, half of the City Girls and a top new female artist, is beefing with Cardi B, MTO News can confirm.

According to multiple sources close to Yung Miami - the Florida female rapper has been having "issues" with Cardi B regarding their new video Twerk.

The video was filmed last month, and was set for release in December - but Cardi kept pushing back the release date, because she wants to reshoot some scenes.

The insider explained, "Cardi and Careesha [Yung Miami's real name] are both twerking next to each other, and Careesha looks way better."

We're told that Cardi is looking to re-shoot some scenes so that she can cut Yung Miami out of much of the video, so she can steal the show.

The insider explained, "[Yung Miami] ain't with all that BULLSH*T."

The insider claims that Yung Miami sent Cardi a bunch of text messages and DMs, letting her know how she feels. The insider adds, "There was a lot of f**ks and b****es in the messages," that Yung Miami sent Cardi].

It's not clear whether Cardi will get her wish and the video will be re-edited, or whether they will release it as-is.

In the past the City Girls have praised Cardi in interviews, saying “Cardi opened the door for a lot of normal girls to feel like they could be rappers. I love Cardi for that,” said J.T. “I watched Cardi from being that girl in her bed to being at the Met Gala. She a real bitch.”